A striking new look for our Innkeeper's Lodge at Meriden



And we think it’s something worth shouting about. 

As part of our continuing upgrade of rooms, we gave our designers free rein with their creative leanings in this very special hotel building.

Reflecting the history of this restored 17th-century coaching inn, all rooms at the Bull’s Head in Meriden have been given their own identity, with décor that oozes individuality and style.

Sumptuous fabrics, striking colours and carefully sourced textiles give a unique glow to each room, referencing the Baroque style of luxurious and exotic materials that were popular design elements of the period in which the hotel was built.

This harmonious marriage of the contemporary and the characterful is evidenced in every nook and cranny of this hotel and, while modern comfort and style have remained a focus – every room now has a brand new bathroom suite – our creative design geniuses have retained the charm of original features such as the wooden beams and panelling.

A stay at the Bull’s Head in Meriden will be unforgettable for its decorative opulence – and, of course, the guaranteed comfort and warm ambience that every Innkeeper’s Lodge boasts.

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